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About the Tourism Association North Yorkshire (TANY)
Become a member of the Tourism Association of North Yorkshire Limited ("TANY")!

TANY promotes and develops tourism within the North Yorkshire area. It works closely with local and regional partners as well as nationally with government agencies to ensure Member’s benefit from the opportunities and resources available and continue to have a voice in future developments.

TANY works hard to promote cooperation between Members and other local tourism associations, coordinating marketing campaigns and ensuring the widest possible distribution of leaflets and other publicity and advertising material.

Most importantly of all TANY works to establish contact between Shareholders in the Company to promote the exchange of information and ideas and provide mutual help and support. It aims to improve standards of provision for visitors to the area and help Members business’s flourish.

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There are many measurable benefits from simply belonging to Tourism Association of North Yorkshire Ltd.

  • Independence
    TANY is not-for-profit and totally independent. It is not affiliated in any way to any council or local authority, nor does it receive funding from any government organisation. It relies on no one other than its Members for the support and success of the Association.
  • Networking
    It shares information on topics of industry importance both at meetings and through it’s established social channels.
  • Social Networking
    Regular events to which all Members are invited where the social aspect of the Company is brought to the top of our agenda. Continuous and vocal presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Lobbying
    TANY lobbies for change, or no change on matters of national, regional and local importance.
  • Voice
    It provides input to local authorities and other bodies on important tourism issues. It has representation on outside tourism bodies.
  • Marketing
    Advice on Marketing and a promotional listing on our unparalleled domain name website. (Very high Google ranking)
  • Discounts
    TANY has many local and regional suppliers who offer discounts on goods and services for all our Member sectors.
  • Training
    Ongoing support for all types of industry related training.

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