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Known by some as the "Queen of Resorts", Scarborough is Britain's oldest seaside resort, with magnificent beaches set either side of a rocky, castle-topped headland.

First known as a spa in the 17th century, it was the coming of the railway in 1845 that turned Scarborough into the premier resort on England's east coast, and it's still a popular place for holidays - "Scarbados" according to many enthusiastic locals!

A Georgian old town overlooks the harbour, with sweeping bays and beaches to north and south, while the iconic Rotunda Museum explores the fascinating story of Scarborough's 'Dinosaur Coast'.

You can still immerse yourself in history with Scarborough Castle as well as the Rotunda Museum of geology. You could venture down to the seafront to see the traditional amusement arcades, ice cream parlours, shellfish stalls and beach huts.

But despite its rich history, Scarborough doesn’t live in the past. The town is constantly innovating to keep its place as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK.

Going a little "left field", Scarborough is also known for its police box, the sight of which has prompted many a child through the decades, wandering along the front with their parents, to think that The Doctor isn't too far away and to be careful, keeping a watchful eye out for Daleks or Cybermen! In fact Scarborough has one of two such boxes in North Yorkshire, the second being at the police museum in Ripon.

Outdoor adventures can be found all around;

All that is just scratching the surface too!

Or if you're for the adventourous lifestyle, why not head out to Cayton Bay and ride some magnificent waves with Scarborough Surf School.

If you fancy taking to the woods you could head out into Dalby Forest (another TANY member) and take to the trees with Go Ape!

Is this beach Dog Friendly?

North Bay allows restricted access to dogs, there are also dog bins on the beach (a poop scoop order is in force) and a dog walking area. Dogs are not allowed on the north half of the beach. South Bay has a complete ban.

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