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Joining TANY

To make signing up and joining TANY smoother and quicker, we have streamlined the process.

All you need to do is select your payment option, either Annual (£60) or Monthly (£5).

For a one-off annual payment use the option on the left. For a recurring annual payment you can use the option on the right to set it up to automatically renew each year.

The option on the right is also there if you wish to pay month by month.

Make the payment via PayPal and our web team, Blue Box Support will be in touch once your payment has been processed. They will get all the information they need in order to create your listing on our website.

Blue Box are keen for you to know that there is no real limit on the number of pictures you can use and that you can also make use of cideo if you wish. If you don't have much promotional material then give Blue Box a call and they will be able to help you at a reduced TANY rate.

Take the opportunity to use this facility and make the most of it. Images mustn't be too small as they will be unusable. If you wish to include anything else, such as video, please contact Blue Box Support direct.

Both payment options include a £3 "admin fee" to cover the charges placed on TANY for taking online payments. With the monthly direct debit option, this makes each month £5.25.

Annual Membership: £63 per year   Direct Debit
Payment Options

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